Business Lawyer in Kelowna, BC

If you’re involved in a commercial legal dispute, a lawsuit may be your best option. The Robert O. Levin Law Office, commercial dispute lawyer in Kelowna, BC, is cognizant of today’s evolving business environment and can equip you with the legal information you need to make informed decisions. We deal with matters pertaining to liability, contracts, construction, estate litigation, property, builder’s liens and more.

You Deserve Competent Legal Representation

At the Robert O. Levin Law Office we believe that each and every client is owed personalized, competent and attentive service. You deserve to have your needs met in a clear, concise and professional manner—rest assured we take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions and always treat you with the utmost respect. Together we can work towards achieving a positive outcome in your matter. We are ready to help.

Wrongful Dismissal

If you have been fired from your job, or your employer has fundamentally changed the terms of your employment, we can help. You are entitled to damages in any case where you have been wrongfully dismissed, or where a change in your terms of employment means you have been constructively dismissed. Your employment is a contract between you and your employer. If that contract is breached, you are entitled to damages, meaning monetary compensation in lieu of adequate notice. Robert Levin is experienced and up to date on the law of wrongful dismissal, and has a track record of success representing clients who have been dismissed from their employment without just cause.

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