Estate and Wills Litigation in Kelowna, BC

Estate and Wills Litigation is a complex and unique area of law. Disputes over wills and estates are common, and can be devastating to individuals and families. Our clients include beneficiaries and persons who feel they were left out of a loved one’s will or estate, and also trustees or executors who have had legal action taken against them.

Robert Levin is equally experienced and adept at handling either side of a wills or estate dispute. He will work with you directly to assess the situation, review your alternatives, and provide you with objective advice as to how to most efficiently and cost-effectively deal with the situation. Common issues include capacity to make a will, undue influence, recent changes to a will, being left out of the will, delays in an executor handling the estate, contested wills, abuse of a power of attorney, and challenging transfers of property. Robert Levin has a high level of success dealing with many claims in this area of law.

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