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Physical Therapy

Have an Insurance Claim? Trust Our Insurance Claim Lawyer in Kelowna

If you have an insurance claim, you should place your trust in a lawyer to get an insurance claim paid on time and in full. Even though you've paid good money for your coverage, you may end up having to fight for it. At Robert O. Levin Law Office, you’ll receive a personalized legal consultation from an experienced lawyer to ensure a fair outcome. Call our insurance claim lawyer in Kelowna for further discussions.

Disability or Life Insurance Claims

If you are unable to continue your normal duties due to disability caused by an accident, illness, chronic medical condition, or surgery, you are entitled to disability insurance benefits. Robert Levin can help with your contractual right to coverage under the terms of the disability insurance policy. Additionally, he has a wealth of experience with all types of insurance litigation. In a life insurance claim, a named beneficiary is entitled to receive the life insurance proceeds. Robert Levin has made 100% successful claims where the insurance company had denied coverage. If your insurance company hasn’t paid you the proceeds, you can file a lawsuit against them. Contact us immediately as you have limited time from the date of loss to file a lawsuit.

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